Applying for Finance


We offer finance as payment option and whole selective range of carpets, vinyl , Lvt camaro flooring and laminate flooring. You can apply online , in store or request a phone call.


⭐️Have your flooring fitted⭐️
Easy application takes 2 minutes.
High acceptance rate 

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Here are the basics:

  • 15 weeks.
  • 15 payments.
  • no interest.

Take 15 months credit and if you settle in 15 weeks, you won't be charged any interest. Just say hello 15!

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Active current account that can accept Direct Debits
  • £200 weekly income
  • Resident in UK
  • Valid Debit or Credit Card


Why hello15?

  • Retailers and customers have asked for lower customer payments, lower deposits, and a longer interest-free period; and we’ve listened
  • A 15-month term will make customer payments more affordable, reducing them by ~10% 
  • Lower deposit amount of £15.00 will give more customers access to our financing as there is less out of pocket when they apply
  • More time for customers to pay off with no interest (15 weeks instead of 12)

Everything else that you know and love about Snap’s product stays the same